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We're building a campaign to hold Pornhub accountable for allowing and profiting from videos of actual rape, sex trafficking, and other non-consensual forms of abuse on their site.

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Change the Story

As the world’s largest porn site, Pornhub has built a popular and widely accepted brand by promoting itself as a respectable, philanthropic company that offers harmless pleasure. We hope to change that narrative by exposing the truth about Pornhub through eye-opening articles, blogs, social media content, grassroots organizing, videos, and an in-depth documentary film.

Multiply Impact with Allies

The Traffickinghub campaign is supported by over 200 allied organizations who share our deep concerns about how Pornhub does business. We will organize and coordinate collective action with allies, multiplying our impact beyond what any one organization could accomplish alone.

Support and Spotlight Survivors

We honor and support the courageous survivors who have endured trauma and abuse on Pornhub and whose trail-blazing voices inspire and lead our campaign. These survivors deserve justice and healing, and we will rally around them and back them.