Traffickinghub is a decentralized global movement of individuals, survivors, organizations and advocates from across a broad spectrum of political, faith and non-faith, economic, and ideological backgrounds, all uniting together for the single purpose of shutting down Pornhub and holding its executives accountable for enabling, distributing and profiting from rape, child abuse, sex trafficking and criminal image based sexual abuse.

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The Children of Pornhub
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Traffickinghub History and Evolution

Traffickinghub was founded by Laila Mickelwait in February 2020 and advanced in conjunction with Exodus Cry, quickly becoming a global movement of individuals and organizations across a broad spectrum of political, faith and non-faith, economic, and ideological backgrounds, uniting together for the single purpose of holding Pornhub accountable for enabling, distributing and profiting from real mass sexual crime.

Traffickinghub has been endorsed by over 300 anti-trafficking, women’s rights, and child protection organizations around the world. Over 600 organizations have joined forces to call for criminal accountability for Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek, along with over 200 survivors, and over two million people from 192 countries have signed the Traffickinghub movement petition.

In a relatively short amount of time Traffickinghub has made enormous progress thanks to the work and participation of all involved. In January 2020, Pornhub was the largest and most popular porn website in the world, the 10th most visited website across the Internet (more than Netflix, Amazon, or Yahoo), and the third most influential tech company on society only surpassed by Facebook and Google. By January 2021, Pornhub deleted 80% of the site totaling 10 million videos, lost all payment processing (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal), upended its business model and is now a global pariah—facing 7 major lawsuits and under investigation by multiple governments for child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other illegal activity.

Laila Mickelwait continues to lead the Traffickinghub movement today and is determined to do so until its goals are accomplished. You can stay up to date on the progress of Traffickinghub by following the #Traffickinghub hashtag or by following Laila Mickelwait on Twitter.


In the News

The Traffickinghub movement and its impact have been covered in hundreds of media pieces globally. Here are a few.

Mastercard, Visa and Discover cut ties with Pornhub following allegations of child abuse
National Post
More than 70 MPs, senators call for criminal investigation into Pornhub's Canadian owners
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The ‘largest repository of child pornography in North America’: More survivors testify against Pornhub
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MindGeek executives testify before ethics committee over allegations of illegal content on Pornhub
Irish Times
Grant Thornton resigns as auditor to firms owned by Pornhub operator
Washington Examiner
The end of Pornhub's campaign of intimidation
Mastercard investigates Pornhub for allegations of child abuse
Mastercard to investigate allegations against Pornhub
Mastercard to Review Pornhub Ties After Column Spurs Outrage
MasterCard, Visa investigating Pornhub over allegations of child sexual abuse content on site
Mastercard and Visa investigate Pornhub ties over child abuse allegations
The New York Times
Visa and Mastercard to Investigate Financial Ties to Pornhub
The Children of Pornhub The Post Millenial
Man arrested after Pornhub featured and monetized his alleged rape of 16-year-old girl
The Guardian
World's biggest porn site under fire over rape and abuse videos
Urgent action needed as rise in porn site traffic raises abuse fears, say MPs Pornhub should forget the coronavirus and focus on its own pandemic: revenge porn Pornhub needs to change – or shut down Washington Examiner
Time to shut Pornhub down
Pornhub has been caught hosting rape and child pornography. Don't fall for its coronavirus publicity stunt Ben Sasse calls on DOJ to investigate Pornhub over alleged videos showing 'victims of trafficking being raped' Pornhub presents: The worst way to celebrate Valentine’s Day NY Daily News
More than 400,000 sign petition to shut Pornhub down for allegedly profiting off rape and sex assault videos
NY Post
Big Porn cashes in on racism and anti-Semitism
Impeachment’s bad faith and other commentary Sen. Ben Sasse urges feds to investigate Pornhub Elle
Olivia Steele instala una obra neón contra Pornhub en CDMX
Daily Star
Ex-adult star Jenna Jameson accuses Pornhub of 'profiting off rape and torture'
Film Daily
Jenna Jameson groomed into a porn career? Everything to know
Business Post
Porn giant shifted €130m of assets out of Irish operations
Terry Crews Calls for Shut Down of Pornhub Amid Rape, Sex Trafficking Allegations

Public Evidence of Exploitation on Pornhub

Lead complainant of class-action lawsuit says her sex abuse as a child was posted on PornHub In a new lawsuit, more than 30 women accuse Pornhub of profiting from videos posted without their consent Pornhub sued for allegedly serving nonconsensual sex videos Pornhub owner settles with Girls Do Porn victims over videos 40 sex trafficking victims sue Pornhub and Mindgeek for 40 million dollars Victim raped on Pornhub as a 12 yr old files 600 million dollar class action against Pornhub/Mindgeek Pornhub verified sex trafficker from Alabama who abused 16yr old victim on monetized account CBC Reports Cases of Underage Victims on Pornhub Naazir Jackson, 29, from Texas was arrested for sex trafficking his victims on Pornhub Rose Kalemba, 14yr old raped and videos uploaded to Pornhub for months 15yr old rape and sex trafficking victim found in 58 Pornhub videos Pornhub verified 15yr old sex trafficking and rape victim 14yr old victim from Palo Alto, CA raped and videos uploaded to Pornhub Internet Watch Foundation confirmed 118 cases of child rape on Pornhub The Sunday Times investigation found "dozens" of illegal abuse videos in "minutes" Paypal cuts off service to Pornhub amid evidence of child rape and sexual abuse on site 22 sex trafficking victims on Pornhub partner channel GirlsDoPorn GirlsDoPorn sex trafficking ring a partner channel on Pornhub with 784,000 subscribers US federal indictment for sex trafficking and child pornography Nicole Addimando of NY sentenced to life in prison after killing attacker who sexually abused her and uploaded videos of her sexual assaults to Pornhub 14 rape victims of Taiwan's Justin Lee had their sexual assaults and rape videos on Pornhub

Are you a victim?

If you are a victim of sex trafficking, online child sexual exploitation, or image-based sexual abuse and want information about possible legal assistance options please fill out this form.

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